Hi! I am Maria Monika Custodio from the Philippines.

I am currently doing some work on my website, so as you see, it’s not yet 100% done. Broken links, buttons not working and all that error that to me is equally irritating too.

So sorry about that. My website’s going to be UP soon and it’ll be awesome.

Anyhow, I am Monika (again, back to the start), my clients often address me as Maria. I am 29 years old and I am a web designer and developer. My work background includes being a webhosting server administration for Melbourne IT. Doing server stuff was my world for 6 years. It’s a great experience because now I chose to become a web developer, I have a solid understanding of the server backend. All of my clients find this as my strongest quality.

Apart from that, I also do graphics designing, a little bit of social media marketing and email marketing, video editing, administrative tasks. In short, I’m whatever you need! 🙂

My clients are usually CEO, Coaches, Small Business Companies, Clinics, Singers and many more located in Australia, Europe and in the US. That means, YES I am a person with a lot of timezones. But I’ll make sure my clients are well taken care of.

Client Testimonials

The podcast site is ROCKING!!! You are simply amazing!!! THANK YOU!!! We love it!!!


You are a Rockstar, Maria!

Dimple Thakrar, Love & Relationship Coach

The website looks great! You took our website to the next level. We look more professional! Thank you!


Maria, thanks for going above and beyond!